Conversation courses focus primarily on oral communication and fluency. You will improve your listening and speaking skills in a relaxed, and real atmosphere giving you the confidence you need to express yourself in Indonesian. While lively conversation and discussion is the main aim of this course, some vocabulary and grammar may be covered to enable you to improve your speaking skills.

Conversation courses are offered from beginning level, giving you the opportunity to use your newly acquired skills. You can do it privately or in a group at the tutor’s home, your home or in a cafe. Conversation course via Skype only applies for one on one/private class only.

For advance level, topics will include social, politics, religion, culture, economy, finance, marketing, technology etc. Students can also choose their own topic.

Lesson duration is 50 minutes. These courses can be done on its own, or in combination with Indonesian course for general purposes, for tourist or for Business.

There are no specific starting dates. You can start anytime.